Alabama Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer

Alabama Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer

Clients looking to plan for the future and provide for their loves ones rely on Jim Pino & Associates, P.C. in Pelham, Alabama to assist them with estate planning matters. For families dealing with the loss of a loved one who did not draft wills or trusts we assist with probate matters.

Wills - Trusts - Powers of Attorney - Healthcare Directives

At Jim Pino & Associates, P.C., we work with clients in identifying their needs related to simple estate planning. We draft simple wills, and also have experience preparing testamentary trusts. We can also assist individuals with preparing durable powers of attorney and advanced healthcare directives (Living Wills) that specify the care they would like to receive should they become incapacitated.


If an estate plan was not created prior to your loved one's death, attorney Jim Pino has the experience to handle the estate in probate court. Without a detailed plan, arguments can ensue within a family over finances and particular assets. If their loved one died without that plan, a court-appointed administrator will review and gather up the assets of the deceased, pay any debts or obligations, and distribute the remaining assets to those deemed as beneficiaries.

We also assist clients with probating the will of their loved one. However, even the most detailed of wills can still result in a will contest. Our firm has represented those who have contested the will and those who are defending the validity of the document.

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding estate administration, conservatorships, guardianships, or adoptions with an experienced estate planning and wills attorney, please contact us.