Criminal Law

Experienced Lawyer in Shelby County

If you or a family member has been arrested in Shelby County, Jefferson County, Chilton County, or the Birmingham area, place your first call to a criminal defense lawyer with 34 years of experience and firm ties to the Pelham area.

Criminal law attorney Jim Pino has practiced in Alabama since 1976. He has represented clients against every type of criminal charge, from misdemeanor theft to violent felonies. He offers the experience to achieve the best possible outcome when a person has been arrested and charged with a crime in northern Alabama.

Jim Pino & Associates, P.C. represents clients in Shelby County and Chilton County, including residents of Columbiana, Clanton, Alabaster, Calera, Chelsea, Harpersville, Hoover, Indian Springs, Jemison, and all area communities. The firm also represents many students (and their visiting family members) from local universities who are facing criminal charges.

If you are arrested on Alabama DUI charges, there are two areas of concern. First, you need solid legal counsel to defend your rights and minimize the legal consequences, which can include jail, fines and a criminal record. Second, Mr. Pino can represent you in the administrative law proceedings to retain limited driving privileges. Jim Pino can help, whether it is your first arrest for driving under the influence or a felony drunk driving charge (fourth offense).

Jim Pino is experienced and successful in municipal court, district court and circuit court, including drug court and juvenile court. He provides aggressive defense against all criminal charges:

  • Drug charges: possession of marijuana, crack or cocaine; possession of drug paraphernalia; distribution and trafficking; operating a meth lab; felony drug possession
  • Traffic offenses: DUI, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license
  • Juvenile crimes: drugs, underage consumption, theft, assault
  • Assault, robbery and other violent felony crimes
  • Domestic violence (spouse abuse, child abuse)
  • White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement) and bad checks
  • Shoplifting, larceny, burglary

In 34 years, Pelham attorney Jim Pino has seen hundreds of criminal cases, and every one is different. He will take the time to listen and investigate the unique facts of your case, and fight hard for the best outcome.

Contact Shelby County criminal defense lawyer Jim Pino to protect your rights or the rights of a family member who is in trouble with the law. At the initial consultation, he will give you for a frank evaluation of your case. Jim Pino & Associates, P.C. accepts major credit cards for the convenience of its clients.